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We get so many enquiries asking for a price with an Instagram picture attached, and our answer is always the same – come in, let us see your hair and analyse it properly.

We totally understand this can be annoying. It can take months to finally work up the courage to change your hair. Then the day comes that you decide to go for it and you just want it done, right now! Before you change your mind!

If your curious about what our consultations include or why you should have one read on…

Try before you buy

You wouldn’t decide to get braces without the help of a dentist. Or choose a new car without some professional advice and a test drive. It really should be the same with your hair. As experienced hair stylists, we love it when our clients ask us for their help and advice. We know what will work for you and can share the knowledge we have picked up during our hairdressing careers.

Get an accurate price and hair plan

If you are having a completely new hair colour, we will be able to give you an accurate quotation once you have had your consultation. Every colouring process is different! We would hate to give you a generic price over the phone, see your hair in real life and realise it will take twice as long as we thought – or, even worse, not be able to achieve the hair colour you want at all. Consultations allow us to continue delivering a high quality service for all our lovely clients.

Health and Safety

We would never perform a service if it was going to compromise the integrity of your hair. During your consultation we may take a small piece of your hair for what we call a strand test. This allows us to test many things including how your hair reacts to colour and also to ensure that the desired colour can be achieved without damaging the hair. It is also important that you have a skin test if you haven’t had a hair colour with us before, or within the last six months. This will check you are not allergic to the colour we use.

We want you to feel comfortable and at home

We want to give you the opportunity to sit down, relax and discuss what you would like to achieve with your hair, in a comfortable environment. Your stylist will be able to talk to you one to one and make sure they really understand how you would like your hair to look. Having a consultation prior to booking your appointment means you can sit back, relax and feel confident that you and your curator are on the same page. The only thing you need to worry about is what you will order from our complementary drinks menu.

We can't wait to welcome you into the Coach House to discuss your hair ideas! Please remember all consultations and advise are completely FREE and there is no obligation to book an appointment.


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