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Each person’s hair has specific needs that need to be cared for with products that improve the appearance, but also strength and structure.

Together let’s discover the superpowers of hair masks. Masks are like an elixir for our hair which day after day is exposed to hair dryers, straighteners, chemical treatments such as dyes and bleaches, UV rays, the summer heat and the cold and humidity and the winter. Today let’s see what a hair mask is and why it is important to use it and how to apply it.

Hair mask or conditioner?

After washing it is crucial to pamper hair with a conditioner or mask. But beware, they are not the same thing and the two products are not interchangeable.

  • Conditioner must be used every time you wash your hair with shampoo. These two are the perfect couple, the must-haves of every shower!

  • Masks on the other hand are not treatments for daily use. Thanks to their rich texture and the active ingredients that penetrate deep, hair masks perform a more intensive action than conditioner. To avoid weighing down your hair, they should not be applied every time you wash your hair, but they do, however, need to be used on a regular basis.

How to apply a hair mask: step by step

Follows these steps:

  • Wash your hair and rinse it well to remove every trace of shampoo.

  • Pat dry your hair with a towel to remove the excess water.

  • Apply the hair mask on the lengths and ends of your hair, distributing it evenly.

  • Leave it on for the due amount of time, following the instructions on the box.

  • Rinse well so as to remove every trace of the mask: leaving it in will not prolong or enhance the effect. Quite the contrary, your hair will get oily more quickly.

  • Dry your hair gently, first by patting with a towel and then using a hair dryer at a moderate temperature. When you can, let your hair dry naturally: on top of reducing any stress on the hair fibre, you will save energy and reduce CO2eq emissions.

How long does the mask have to stay on?

Keep in mind that the leave-in time is crucial for the efficacy of hair treatments. Ten minutes is the average, but it could also be longer or less: always read the directions for use on the box. Or find out here below which mask is best for you, based on how much time you have!

Plenty of time

Not a lot of time

No time

If you have plenty of time, you can dabble with every type of mask. Indeed we recommend taking a full spa day - for yourself or with someone else - to take care of your personal well-being.

On the other hand, if you only have time for a regular shower, choose a quick application mask such as The Quick Fix: it is suitable for all hair types and most importantly, in just five minutes you will achieve an incredible effect! Try it to believe it.

I​f you are always on the run, try The Restless Circle invisible mask! Once applied it turns transparent and no one will notice. That way you can leave the mask on while you are doing yoga, watching a movie or working at the computer. Then go have a shower!

How much mask do I have to apply?

Putting too much on will not boost the results, it will only make it harder to rinse out. Put the right amount of mask on based on:

  • Your hair thickness

  • You hair length

  • Areas where you wish to apply the mask

Normally the mask is applied to the lengths and the ends. But there are also specific products for the scalp such as The Purity Circle, a black mask formulated for people with very oily hair, or for people who live in very polluted areas and wish to regenerate their scalp. Applying a mask to roots and lengths is not very common. Use the specific mask locally, only where needed, to prolong the duration of the product.

How often should I apply a hair mask?

Excellent question! Generally speaking twice a month, but the correct frequency depends on the needs of your hair, the number of times you wash it and the products you use. The packaging of Davines masks provides the directions for use: to start off you can follow those. But to be sure you are following the right hair routine as effectively as possible, give yourself time to experiment and “listen” to your hair: when it starts to feel brittle or in need of care, immediately apply the treatment and mark the date on the calendar. Then, keep track of how things evolve to understand how long the effect of the mask lasts on your hair. It could be a week, or even longer. If you still have doubts, your curator can help you understand how frequently you should apply the mask. The next time you visit us, do not hesitate to ask for advice.


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