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Iris Apfel doesn’t want you to dress like she does. At 100, she’s still embracing uniqueness, wearing what makes her happy and encouraging everyone else to do the same.

“I think part of the problem with the way people dress nowadays is that it’s too generic,” says Iris. “Everyone looks the same, they wear the same things. They wear what’s in fashion, what’s trendy, what they’re being told to wear. That’s terribly dull. I want to see personality.”

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. At Curated we believe hair should work for the wearer, it should make you feel happy and confident. Your style is an ever-evolving expression of your truest self, and the magic of your experiences, adventures and memories. Yes we will always consider the most up to date trends and techniques but these trends need to be manipulated, adapted and moulded differently for each client.

“It's not about what or who you wear but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”


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