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Updated: Jan 27

A unique and wonderful collection of thoughtful gifts. From a peaceful afternoon, inspirational scents and gorgeous hair. Including some of our favourite local suppliers and independent brands we have found on our travels.


Haekels says scent is an adventure : their natural parfums + candles are designed to invite you to explore their location. No divisive labels or aroma chemicals just natural GPS defined aromatics to allow you the luxury of your own olfactory experience.

They are driven by trying to solve the waste problem – be that through their use of waste natural resources in our products, or presenting packaging solutions to their community that are fully recyclable or compostable.

They use seaweed as the base for all of their products. That seaweed is picked by hand in Margate, UK. Why seaweed? Seaweed hydrates; it’s rich with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it’s anti-bacterial, skin rebuilding and anti-inflammatory; it’s all-natural, and all around us. Under licence, they harvest it by hand from the beach just steps away from their shop.

They say what drives them forward is doing things differently and always evolving.

What started in Margate is now sold the world over.


Treat a loved one (or yourself – we won’t tell!) to a Kérastase gift set. Combining revolutionary technologies with pro-level standards, the brand’s luxurious formulas get to work transforming your hair and taking care of your scalp. And with so many incredible hair care ranges to choose from, there’s a Kérastase set for everyone – whether you’re gifting your mum, best friend or partner.


Discovered on a holiday to the Lake District, we love The Bath House's creative approach to creating emotive home fragrance.

A family run business; the scents are inspired by special places they have visited, landscapes imagined and moments remembered

We would recommend the following scents:

Art Studio - A fragrance memory inspired by a visit to the studio of the artist Joan Miro in Palma.

The scent of turpentine, ink and oil paint drifts in the studio as light shifts and the hours pass, tracing shadows across the canvases. There are smoky, woody notes of birch-tar and patchouli lingering in the air and an aromatic fragrance of green stems, which is layered with subtler tones of white flowers drying on the window sill.

Blacksmith - A complex fragrance inspired by the heat and fire at the heart of a local blacksmith.

This dark space is filled with fire and scent of warm amber and the woody-spicy aromas of leather and powder. Through the years, between the forge and anvil, heat, strength and a will shapes metal for the home, horse and field, as hands work with the artistry and knowledge passed from generation to generation.


Welcome to the world of Akin Magazine, in March 2022 they opened Norwich’s first ever magazine shop. They are based within the historic lanes on Bridewell Alley on the first floor of the womenswear shop Atwin.

They stock some of the best independent magazines in the game. With titles covering lifestyle, culture, art, food, sports & music they have pretty much got you covered.

Akin's treat boxes first hit the shelves of Akin back in 2020 with the aim of gifting you/your loved ones a quiet afternoon with a magazine, cup of tea and some chocolate.

Their treat boxes now include:

1 x Magazine of your choice (selected from the dropdown menu)

1 x Bare Bones 60% Honduras Milk Chocolate Bar

1 x Tube of Nemi Earl Grey Tea Bags (incl 15 Pyramid Tea Bags)

Treat box prices start at £12 + the price of your magazine.

The treat boxes can be posted direct to your loved one. Just type their address in the Delivery Address section and they will package it up and post for you.


Waveney Valley Coffee was founded from a passion for drinking high quality coffee. They specialise in top quality coffee, hand roasted to give you the very best coffee, freshly roasted in their small, family run, artisan roastery.

Why not gift a loved one a coffee club subscription. They will never run out of freshly roasted, artisan coffee with monthly deliveries of freshly roasted coffee beans to their door. Each subscription comes with a free travel mug too!


We love our mugs from HK living. The 70's tableware series by consists of cups, mugs, bowls, plates, teapots and much more. Inspired by the 70s, the dishes in the kitchen or on the dining table provide a decorative eye-catcher. Each item is handmade and glazed so is absolutely unique. The tableware impresses with playful color combinations and a decorative retro look. It is suitable for daily use or for special occasions.


Davines' 2022 Holiday Collection celebrates cultural diversity as a source of inspiration, growth and positivity.

Each box contains artwork depicting the beauty of cultures from all around the world and their diversity, as seen through the eyes of an American artist who has interpreted them in oil paintings on canvas.

And guess what? Literature chosen from each culture is also featured in the gift set! 🌍


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